Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crazy Day

My Crazy Day

Today was NUTS!!! Around lunch time my father calls me and says that my Mom was in a bad car wreck but that she is okay and at the hospital. Apparently she was driving down the road and had a green light when a guy decided to run his red light and pulled out right in front of her. She didn't even have time to hit the breaks just BOOM right into the guy. Very crappy situation but amazingly, miraculously, providentially she was almost unharmed in the wreck except for a broken wrist.
So as you can see the car was pretty much destroyed and we are very thankful that she was not seriously injured in the wreck. Her wrist will take some time to heal but hopefully it will heal quickly. It is really just awful timing because Friday (tomorrow) we are catering a party for 150 people so instead of my mother doing all of the fine tuning details that makes her catering amazing, she is going to have to rely on me! Scary thought! But we are grateful to have the business and hopefully we can accomplish everything we need to on time and the hosts will have a great event with even better food. The 2nd major event that happened today was my wife Emma Heim was able to have Lasik eye surgery. She was able to get LASIK as a benefit from the company that she works for so we were extremely happy. Sylvia, her mother came down to Tyler to watch the surgery and be there to take car of Emma. Which turned out to be great because once she was drugged up and fell asleep I was able to drive to Fort Worth to prepare for the event tomorrow. Otherwise I would not have been able to help my mom and since she now has a broken wrist she would've had to cancel the party. So all in all Sylvia saved the day. Franklin, our dog, was my co-pilot on the journey home and I was able to talk to my good friend Ian McDaniel for about an hour on the way back. Good to hear from old friends. 
The 3rd crazy event  that took place was around 7pm tonight our kitchen started to FLOOD! Water was pouring down through the window and light fixture in our kitchen and all outside in our storage closet water was pouring in from the upstairs apartment. After it got worse and worse over 5-10 minutes I called the fire department and they were there in seconds. They climbed through our neighbors window and shut off his water. Apparently a coupler in a pipe was faulty and the water was just running down the walls. Not fun! The maintenance guy came not long after the fire department and he shop vacuumed our kitchen and had an industrial fan to help with the drying. A very helpful guy. All of this is taking place while my beautiful wife is trying to sleep after eye surgery in the next room. She wasn't too bothered by the commotion but luckily was able to get back to sleep fairly early. She is very excited about her new eyes! So tomorrow I will be cooking and preparing food from the minute I wake up so I better get to sleep. It seems like every time we get good news and something great happens in our life something bad has to happen to bring down our joy. I am not going to let that happen though. I am so glad my mom is okay, Emma's surgery went absolutely perfect, and aside from some wet cabinets the water damage shouldn't be to extensive in our apartment. Please continue praying for a speedy recovery for my mom. If her wrist doesn't heal properly she may have to undergo surgery but we are hoping that is a last resort. Thanks for you thoughts and prayers we need them now more than ever!